Sycamore Reservoir

Dateline 4 October 2016

Just a short hike west from site of the Old Prison Camp, now named after the most famous occupant, Gordon Hirabayashi, is the Sycamore Reservoir. Those wanting a longer hike can continue past the reservoir to either Bear Canyon or upper Sabino Canyon. We opted for an out-and-back to enjoy the cooler weather.

At about the half-way point we stopped at a saddle to savor the view to the west where the line of green showed the presence of the trees on the creek above the reservoir. Inquiring minds were puzzled by the sign which reads: “no rubber tired vehicles beyond this point.” If we had a wagon with wooden wheels and the key to the gate could we proceed along the road?

In an interesting variation, the datura along the trail had a strong purple tone. Until you are quite close to the reservoir, the trail is open with grass a a few shrubs. From the top the reservoir itself is not very photogenic but there are lovely views of Thimble Peak. There were flourishing stands of desert mallow along the trail, which had us confused for a moment because mallow is more commonly found in peachy-orange colors. The berries on the holly-leaf buckthorn were changing from yellow to red. The ferns an shrubs took advantage of every little scrap of shade – as did we!



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