Forest Flowers – Oracle Ridge

Dateline 16 August 2016

Here’s what August looks like on Oracle Ridge after the rains. There’s all sorts of flowers happening (note the western dayflower and salsify hiding in the background with that beebalm). The “slendertube skyrockets” (aka ipomopsis tenuituba) were a little past their prime which only darkens their color and there was an incredible stream of them down the hillside (who thinks up these names anyway?) I practically did a happy dance when I discovered that I had finally gotten a photo of the nice miniature penstemon that was in focus so I’ve posted two photos of this one which about 6-8″ high in a sort of bushy cluster. I call this trail the land of paintbrush, as while in theory the Rincon paintbrush averages a height of 14,” these plants don’t stop there, they go for closer to knee-high and beyond. Just take in that yellow-red-blue with the primrose-paintbrush-lupine playing off each other. The bedstraw and paintbrush also seem to be friends as they like to hang out together – usually bedstraw is low to the ground but it climbs the paintbrush to grow tall.


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