Anza Trail

Dateline 3 May 2015

A beautiful day! For a desert dweller there’s nothing quite like the smells along the creek bed. Setting out without a clear destination, somehow we found ourselves on the Anza Trail in the shade of the cottonwoods. The undergrowth was lush: poison hemlock over seven feet tall, towering giant reeds (arundo donax), elderberry in blossom. The canopy was full of darting birds with hawks hovering high overhead. Many black swallowtails were sighted but none held still for photographs. The sky was a glorious blue and the clouds made everything look more idyllic.


One thought on “Anza Trail

  1. Elizabeth

    Lovely riparian trail. I have done halfway up from Tumacacori on horseback, until the trail was blocked by a huge dam of debris from a flash flood earlier in the year.



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