Flowers Abound

Dateline 3/3/2015

Eight of us set out on the Sweetwater Trail planning to hike to the saddle. Once at the saddle, some of us said – “when will we ever have a better day to hike to Wasson’s Peak?” Thus the party split, four and four, and some headed up while others headed back to the trailhead.

It was a fantastic day to make the hike, with an 8:30 start time from the trailhead. The Sweetwater Trail to the saddle was overcast and cool as the clouds from the rain yesterday were still lingering. The early portion of the trail was actually muddy! It was my first time on the well maintained trail and it will become my favored route for the climb to the Peak as the climb is more consistent than the approach from the west. Round trip was probably about 9 1/2 miles. The sun broke through as we started down again and we had a light breeze to keep us cool.

The flowers were a treat again this week. Something about the location or the weather (or both) has produced a bumper crop of Blue Dicks (as you will see in the gallery). In fact, I took so many photos that it took me a bit to digest them all (and not all have been identified).



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